Using Alternate Email Address in Rebump

Dec 15, 2023 | Help Center | 0 comments

Rebump offers the flexibility to add an alternate email address to your account. Enhancing the versatility of your email follow-up strategy.

One Account, One Alternate Email:

In general, one email address is associated with each Rebump account. However, Rebump provides the option to add one alternate email address to your account.

Address Types: This alternate address can be a Gmail, Google Workspace, or even a non-Gmail email address. Which is an exception to Rebump’s usual Gmail/Workspace-only rule.

Setting Up an Alternate Email Address:

Easy Addition: Add your alternate email address in the designated section of your Rebump account settings.

Instructions: Follow the detailed instructions provided at the bottom of the settings page to correctly set up your alternate email address.

How It Works:

Sending Original Messages: Once registered, you can send the original message from your alternate email address, such as

Bump Messages: Although the original email can be sent from your alternate email address, the follow-up messages (bumps) will be sent from the email address registered with your Rebump account.

Testing and Exploration: It’s recommended to read the instructions carefully and test the feature to understand how it works with your specific email setup.

The alternate email address feature in Rebump offers added flexibility in managing your email follow-ups, allowing for a more diverse range of communication options. By understanding and utilizing this feature, you can enhance the effectiveness of your email strategies.