The 3 Best Tools to Send Follow-up Emails in 2024

Best 3 Email Follow-up Tools

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The follow-up email tools that we are going to go through in this article can help you schedule and automatically send follow-up emails from your inbox. All you’ll need to do is look out for your sales prospect or customer’s reply and keep the conversation going.

What is a Follow-Up Email Tool?

The email follow-up tool will automatically send your recipient another follow-up email if they don’t reply to your first email.

Some tools will do this automatically using AI, based on a pre-written email template that you’ve prepared, and other tools will remind you to send an email, and you’ll need to send it manually.

If you’re not sending follow-up emails to prospects who don’t reply to your first email, you’ll miss out on a huge opportunity to have more conversations with your prospects.

Most people underestimate follow-ups and some even don’t send them, which is a huge mistake because most of the sales happen after the 3rd follow-up email.

The 3 Best Tools to Send Follow-up Emails in 2024

To help you make an informed decision, our team has tested 3 of the most popular follow-up email platforms.

  3. FollowUpThen

In this article, we’ll review each platform and share some tips to help you find the ideal emailing tool, based on your unique needs.

Best Follow-up
Email Tools
Starting PriceCustomer
AI-PersonalizationUnlimited Emails
Rebump$7.99/month4.9 Rating 272 ReviewsYesYes
Followup.ccFree4.5 Rating 298 ReviewsNoNo
FollowUpThenFree5 Rating (2 Reviews)NoNo Follow-up Emails Tool

    Rebump sets itself apart from the other tools by automating and personalizing follow-up emails, focusing on sparking conversations rather than just sending reminders. With behavior-based triggers and advanced personalization, Rebump ensures your emails always hit their mark. The integration of AI allows for even more tailored email sequences, adapting to each conversation’s unique context. By leveraging the latest technology, Rebump keeps your communication strategies effective and up-to-date with the digital landscape.

    Key Features:

    • Automated follow-ups with personalized content
    • Behavior-based email sequences
    • Detailed analytics for informed decision-making
    • User-friendly interface for ease of use
    • Excellent customer support and integration capabilities
    • AI-Powered Customization

    Reviews: follow-up emails tool offers a streamlined email management experience, exclusively for GSuite users. It provides sophisticated features such as scheduled follow-up reminders, customizable snooze options, and automated follow-up sequences.

    Key Features 

    • Auto follow-ups 
    • Follow-up reminders
    • Email open/click tracking
    • Snoozing email 
    • Team reports


    • G2 4.8⭐/5 based on 2 reviews
    • Capterra – no reviews found


    FollowUpThen follow-up emails

    FollowupThen is an email productivity tool that can be used with any email system and is mainly used for email reminders. To use it, users simply send an email to a pre-set address and then receive a reminder from FollowupThen at the designated time. It also offers additional features such as SMS reminders for tasks and alerts for a no-reply on an urgent email. It doesn’t offer email tracking and cannot be integrated with CRMs.

    Key Features 

    • SMS & Email Reminders
    • Private/group reminders
    • Web app to manage upcoming follow-ups


    • G2 5⭐/5 based on 2 reviews
    • Capterra – no reviews found

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