Response Types & Conditional Bumping

Dec 8, 2023 | Help Center | 0 comments

At Rebump, we’re always on the move, innovating to make your email follow-up process not just easier, but smarter and more effective too. We’re super excited to roll out two new features that are set to give your email marketing strategy a serious boost. These updates are all about giving you more control and insight, so you can hit your email goals with precision and ease.

Advanced Response Tracking

Now, you can track not only when a recipient replies but also when they open your email or click on a link. This gives you a more comprehensive understanding of how recipients are interacting with your emails.

New Response Types:

Opens: Monitor when a recipient opens your message.

Link Clicks: Keep track of when a link in your email is clicked, providing valuable insight into recipient engagement.

Customizable Follow-Up Actions

React appropriately based on the recipient’s actions.

Stop Further Bumps: If you feel further follow-ups are unnecessary.

Pause Bumps: Temporarily stop follow-ups, resuming when you deem fit.

Switch Sequences: Adapt your strategy by moving to a different email sequence that aligns with the recipient’s stage in the sales funnel.

To adjust your preferences on your recipient’s reactions:

Step 1: Open your Bumps tab in your account

Step 2: Click on Bump Triggers

These new features available in the Unlimited Premium plan, offer you greater control and insight, making your email campaigns more intuitive and responsive. With advanced tracking and customizable actions, you’re equipped to optimize your email strategy and achieve better engagement.