Integrating Rebump with your CRM

Dec 15, 2023 | Help Center | 0 comments

Integrating Rebump with your CRM

Rebump offers seamless integration with your existing CRM systems, enhancing the effectiveness of your email follow-up strategies. Let’s explore the features that make this integration possible.

Integrating using the BCC Feature:

Unique BCC Addresses: Each email sequence in Rebump comes with a unique BCC address. By adding this address to your CRM or a different browser, you can ensure the sequence is included in Rebump without using the checkbox feature of the Google Chrome extension.

Sequence Selection: While using the Rebump Chrome extension, when you start composing an email, you can select a sequence from a dropdown menu.
However, with the BCC feature, you simply use the sequence-specific BCC address for integration.

CRM Compatibility:
This feature is particularly useful for those using a CRM system, allowing the inclusion of email sequences in Rebump through the BCC functionality.

BCC in Every Bump: By adding a BCC address in the Bump BCC field, every bump sent from your account will include this address, allowing messages to be added to your CRM.

CRM Email Integration: Some CRMs provide a special BCC address for email integration. By adding this CRM-provided address to Rebump’s Bump BCC field, your follow-up emails can be automatically included in your CRM system.

To add BCC to every bump. Open your Account Settings and go to Bump BCC.

Advanced Integration Options:

Zapier Integration (Available on Unlimited Premium Plan): Rebump also offers integration with Zapier, facilitating a wider range of automation and integration possibilities with various CRM platforms.

API Access (Available on Unlimited Premium Plan): For more technical users, Rebump’s API provides additional capabilities for integrating the tool with their existing CRM systems.

Rebump’s BCC feature, along with its Zapier integration and API access, offers robust solutions for integrating your email follow-ups with your CRM system. These features ensure that your follow-up strategies are in sync with your overall CRM activities, enhancing both efficiency and effectiveness.