How to Write a Follow-Up Email (+6 Examples & Templates)

Apr 3, 2024 | Email Follow-Up | 0 comments

Writing an industry-specific follow-up email requires a different approach for each industry. Below we will share some follow-up email templates that may apply to your industry and others may not.

Before we share the templates there are some email copywriting best practices that we will go through, which are essential parts of every follow-up email.

Be concise and specific

Follow-up emails should be short, concise, straight to the point, and sometimes may be predictable. Being genuine in a conversation like that will only help your email to get the attention that’s needed. Don’t use generic words and empty messaging. Go over the specific item you want to mention and keep the conversational tone if you can. This way the person won’t feel obligated to use a formal tone and will be easier for him to read and respond.

Always include your initial message

Making the recipient search for the original message is not a good idea. You must make the process as simple as you can if you want to improve the effectiveness of your follow-up. That’s why make sure you always reply to the original message and if there are any attachments to it you can reattach them to your message.

Having all the context the recipient needs in one place will increase the chances of him getting back to you.

Have only one call to action

Every time you follow up make sure to mention the call to action from your initial email. Again the goal here is to make the recipient responding process as easy as we can. Making them re-read your previous emails is too engaging for them and won’t help at all. Bring it down and use something like – “Just checking in since our last conversation about [[proposal topic]]”.

Sales & Marketing Follow-Up Email Templates

Sales and Marketing Follow-up Emails are designed to re-engage potential customers after initial contact, meetings, or events. They aim to maintain interest in your products or services, provide additional information, and gently nudge the recipient towards a decision or action.

Post-Meeting Recap Follow-up Email Template

This email should be sent to potential clients or leads you’ve recently had a productive meeting with about enhancing their marketing efforts.
Keep the conversation going and get closer to your shared goals!

Checking In After Initial Proposal Follow-up Email Template

This email is a friendly follow-up for someone you’ve sent a proposal to, gently reminding them to consider how it might help their company. It’s a warm, considerate way to follow up, showing you’re ready to answer any questions.
Perfect for keeping the dialogue open and engaging.

Hi {{first_name}},

Just checking in since our last conversation about [[proposal topic]]. 

Have you had a chance to consider how it could benefit [[Company]]? 

Happy to address any questions.

Thank you for considering our proposal.

Warmest regards,

[Your Name]”

Real Estate Follow-Up Email Templates

Real estate follow-up emails are key in nurturing potential buyers or sellers after property viewings or initial inquiries. They aim to re-engage interest, provide additional information, or remind clients of available opportunities.

Post-Viewing Follow-Up Email Template

Send this email to individuals who have recently viewed a property you’re showing. It’s meant to renew their interest, address any hesitations, and offer further assistance in their decision-making process.

“Hey {{first_name}},

Thanks for viewing [[property]]. Can it be the home you’re looking for?

Let’s discuss any questions or concerns you might have.

Hope to help you find the perfect place.


[Your Name]”

Re-engaging Interested Clients Follow-Up Email Template

This email is for people who’ve shown interest in a specific property you’re selling. It’s a gentle nudge to keep them thinking about the opportunity the property presents, aiming to re-engage their interest and encourage them to share any thoughts or hesitations they might have.

“Hello {{first_name}},

Are you still thinking about [[property]]? It’s an opportunity to [[benefit]].

Let’s ensure you don’t miss out. What are your thoughts?

Let’s make your dreams a reality.

[Your Name]”

Recruitment Follow-Up Email Templates

These Recruitment Follow-Up Email templates will help to maintain communication, express continued interest, and request feedback or decisions from candidates.
They can be essential for keeping candidates informed and engaged, ensuring a positive experience while moving closer to finalizing hiring decisions.

Post-Interview Feedback

Send this email to candidates who have recently completed an interview for a position at your company. It’s a way to thank them for their time, let them know where you are in the decision-making process, and invite their feedback on the interview experience.

“Hello {{first_name}},

Thank you for interviewing for [[position]].
We’re currently reviewing candidates and will update you by [[time frame]].

Your thoughts on the process?

Appreciate your time and feedback.

[Your Name]”

Check-In for Decision Email Follow-up Template

This template can be used for candidates who have received a job offer from your company but haven’t yet responded. It’s a gentle reminder to share their thoughts or decisions and show the candidate that their decision is valued.

“Hi {{first_name}},

Hope you’re well. We’re keenly awaiting your decision regarding the [[position]]. 

Understanding your choice helps us plan better. 
Any updates?

Your decision is important to us.

[Your Name]”

You can always adjust those templates to your specific needs. If you need more email follow-up copywriting tips from Rebump you can always check our article – How to Write Follow-up Emails The Ultimate Guide (2024). In the article, we are going through every detail in the structure of follow-up emails. We also had a workshop on the topic and the recording is available on our website – Marketing Resources.