How to Send a Follow-up Email After a Meeting

How to send Follow-up-Email-after-a-meeting

Apr 22, 2024 | Email Follow-Up | 0 comments

You’ve probably heard the phrase “First impressions matter”. Well so do second impressions. In fact, writing a great follow-up email after a meeting can strengthen the relationship and reach your objectives, whether you’re trying to get a job or make a sale.

Why Send a Follow-Up Email After a Meeting?

Sending a follow-up email after a meeting is more than just a polite gesture, it’s an important step in nurturing professional relationships and driving projects to success.

Here’s why it’s important to make follow-up emails a standard part of your routine:

  • Show professionalism: Demonstrate your commitment to professionalism and attention to detail.
  • Organize workflows: Helps organize and clarify next steps, ensuring everyone is on the same page.
  • Build stronger relationships: Reinforce your relationships with colleagues or clients through continued communication.
  • Advance projects: Keeps projects moving smoothly by summarizing discussed points and outlining agreed-upon actions.

Why are follow-up emails important?

Great meetings are just the start – remaining relevant and at the top of the attendee’s mind afterward is the next. 

Imagine the number of missed opportunities simply because someone didn’t send a follow-up email!

A follow-up email puts you at the top of the inbox of your recipient. It can be easy to miss making a connection via phone call, but emails can be reviewed or responded to at a time that’s most convenient to the recipient.

Follow-ups allow you to be a resource for useful information. By sharing useful content such as case studies or blog posts, you remind your recipient that you have resources that could actually help them, along with highlighting the benefits you can provide.

Post-meeting Follow-up Email Templates

Post-Meeting Recap Template

“Hey {{first_name}},

Great meeting today! We discussed [[key points]] and identified [[next steps]] to enhance your marketing efforts.

Let’s aim for [[specific goal]]. What’s your availability for a follow-up call next week?

Looking forward to aligning our goals.

Best regards,
[Your Name]’’

Feedback Request and Future Planning

“Hey {{first_name}},

Thank you for a productive meeting! I appreciated your insights on [key topics discussed].

To ensure we’re moving in the right direction, could you provide feedback on the proposed strategies?

Also, I believe we should start planning for [proposed next step].

Could we schedule another session by the end of next week to finalize this? Your input will be invaluable as we proceed.

Best regards,
[Your Name]

Checking In After Initial Proposal Meeting

“Hey {{first_name}},

Just checking in since our last meeting about [[proposal topic]]. 
Have you had a chance to consider how it could benefit [[Company]]?

Happy to address any questions.

Thank you for considering our proposal..

Warmest regards,
[Your Name]

How to automate follow-up emails with Rebump

Automating your post-meeting follow-ups using Rebump can dramatically improve your professional interactions by ensuring no communication slips through the cracks.

Start by integrating Rebump with your Gmail account, then easily set up and customize your “Bump Sequence” right from your email dashboard.

You can adjust the number of follow-ups, timing, and content to fit the specific context of each meeting.

Activation is straightforward: simply tick the Rebump box when sending your initial follow-up to automate the rest of the sequence based on recipient behavior, such as email opens or link clicks.

Benefits of Using Rebump for Automated Follow-ups:

  • Saves Time – Automates the tracking and sending of follow-ups, freeing you to focus on more strategic tasks.
  • Increases Response Rates – Ensures timely follow-ups that increase the likelihood of receiving responses.
  • Enhances Professionalism – Shows attention and thoroughness, reinforcing your professional appearance.

With Rebump, you can maintain consistent and effective communication, ensuring that every post-meeting follow-up drives your agenda forward and keeps projects on track.

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