Enhanced Reporting & Exporting Messages

Dec 8, 2023 | Help Center | 0 comments

Enhanced Reporting & Exporting Messages

We’re excited to roll out new reporting and interaction capabilities in Rebump, designed to give you a more detailed understanding of your email campaigns and greater control over your follow-up strategies.

Enhanced Email Dashboard Reports

Alongside open and link click tracking, our updated email dashboard now offers comprehensive reports. View statistics on message opens and link clicks over specific time periods, giving you valuable insights into your campaign’s performance.

Interaction History

Click on any message’s subject in the dashboard to access a detailed timeline. This timeline includes all interactions – bumps, replies, opens, link clicks, and sequence switches – by you, our system, or the recipient, complete with dates and times.

Manual Sequence Switching and Message Restarting

You now have the ability to manually switch the sequence used by a message at any time. For expired messages, easily restart the sequence or switch to a different sequence with just a click, offering you more adaptability in your email strategy.

Upcoming Real-Time Notifications

We’re working on real-time notifications for opens and link clicks. This feature will enable you to reach out to the recipient precisely when they are focused on your email, enhancing the opportunity for timely interactions.

How to Export Messages

By popular demand, you can now export all your messages to a CSV file for your convenience and further analysis. To do so follow these steps

Step 1: Open the Emails tab on your account then click Export messages.

Step 2: Select the date range, message status, and sequence you wish to export.
Then click on Export To CSV.

Step 3: A yellow banner will show up in your account, click on export and the CSV will be downloaded.

These new features available in Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Premium plans are designed to empower you with more data, control, and flexibility in your email follow-up campaigns. Stay tuned for even more enhancements as we continually strive to improve your email marketing experience