Email Follow-Up for Brokerage Companies, Directly from Gmail

The most affordable Gmail follow-up tool

Rebump is the best solution for brokerage firms looking to automate email follow-ups within Gmail. Improve the response rates from your brokerage leads and expand your business operations with the effectiveness of strategic email follow-ups.

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The Best Email Follow-Up Tool for Brokerage Companies

Our platform simplifies email follow-up for brokerage companies, allowing you to craft personalized email follow-up campaigns and send them directly to the desired contacts via Gmail.

Demonstrate your commitment to your brokerage business with every personalized follow-up.

With our AI Bump Generator, you can create tailored sequences that accompany every phase of the client journey, from initial contact to transaction completion.

Increase the Response Rates & Conversions of Your Brokerage Leads

Rebump is a tool that simplifies the process of sending follow-up emails and provides you with valuable insights.

It allows you to track who opened your emails, the timing of their interactions, and whether they clicked on any links.

By using Rebump, brokerage firms can foster better relationships with their clients, increase replies, and improve their conversion rates. It is an essential tool for any brokerage firm looking to improve their follow-up email strategy.

Questions & Answers

Why is Rebump essential for brokerage companies?

Brokerage companies handle a vast array of leads and client interactions daily. Rebump’s follow-up platform automates this process, ensuring that no potential client is overlooked, which enhances client engagement and increases the likelihood of successful transactions.

Why is Rebump considered the best email follow-up tool for brokerage firms?

Rebump is specifically designed with the needs of brokerage firms in mind, emphasizing efficiency and a personal touch. Its seamless integration with Gmail, customizable campaigns, and comprehensive tracking capabilities make it the go-to solution for effective and personalized follow-ups.

How does Rebump differentiate from other email tools?

Rebump focuses exclusively on email follow-ups, offering a level of personalization and direct integration with Gmail that broader marketing tools cannot match. This specialized approach ensures higher engagement rates and more meaningful client interactions.

How can I ensure my emails don’t end up in spam?

To minimize the risk of your emails landing in spam, it’s crucial to personalize your messages, avoid spam-triggering phrases, and maintain a positive sender reputation. Rebump assists by personalizing follow-ups and adhering to email best practices, thereby ensuring your communications reach the intended inbox.

The system is intuitive and does exactly what is says it’ll do

Rebump is one of the best tools our team utilises for email marketing. The system itself is intuitive to use, and does exactly what it says it will do. Once a sequence has been created, simply leave rebump to work it’s magic. Highly recommended.

David Ross

Emails don’t end up on the spam list

Rebump has helped me a lot in keeping track of my important emails. I send almost a hundred emails per day, every day, and have no way to keep track of them. Also, sometimes the emails we send, end up on the spam list so when Rebump sends a follow-up email, they automatically go to the main list of emails thus increasing the response I get. I’m loving the extension and totally recommend it.

Juliana Ferreira

I am not losing clients anymore because I failed to follow up.

I am a travel agent and following up with leads has the bane
of my existence!! I’m not sure how many clients I have lost because I failed to follow up! Rebump has changed all of that!
I have not had to worry one bit about follow up because Rebump does it for me! I have had more people respond to my emails than ever before. I highly recommend using rebump if you struggle with following up on emails.

Monica Bryant

I spend the time I save doing tailored emails

I love Rebump. As I do a lot of pipeline generation, rebump
is invaluable in allowing me to extend the reach of my prospecting. It means that I can spend the time I save doing tailored and interesting initial email, followed by automated follow-ups that will continue to engage my prospect. If you
are looking to save time and sell more this is great!

Alistair Gibbons

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